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Production Designer

Aymeric Kevin is a production designer at Sony Pictures Animation.

Kevin worked at Riot Games for four years, serving as a production designer, visual development artist, and 2D cinematics director on various projects, helping expanding the IP of the most popular PC video game in the world, "League of Legends."

Kevin has worked on a wide range of projects and visual styles for productions based in North America, Europe, and in the Japanese anime industry, on animated shows such as “Space Dandy,” “Kick Heart,” “Basquash,” and “Ping Pong the Animation,” which was named Best TV Series at the Tokyo Anime Award 2015.” He was fortunate enough to have worked with some of his idol directors like Shinichiro Watanabe (“Cowboy Bebop”) and Masaaki Yuasa (“Mind Game,” “Devilman Crybaby”).

His additional visual development credits include “Adventure Time,” “Bee and Puppycat,” and Google Spotlight Story’s Academy Award ®-nominated VR film “Pearl,” as well as the popular video game series “Rayman Legends” from Ubisoft.

Originally from France, Kevin is a graduate of the notorious French animation school GOBELINS, where he co-directed two short films, “Fenrir”, and “The King and the Beaver,” which was featured at numerous film festivals and won several titles.

He currently resides in Los Angeles, California.